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Carla Iacovetti, a published writer and awarded poet was bathed in the fine arts at an early age, beginning with her early introduction to a 22-year relationship with ballet.  Born in Chicago to classically trained musician parents, Iacovetti doesn’t remember a time when the arts were not an integral part of her life.  Iacovetti’s mother was a professional violinist and music professor who once played for legendary artists like, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Newton, and Rod Stewart, and her father is a gifted composer and symphony conductor.  Iacovetti says, “My father is one of the most passionate and talented individual’s that I’ve ever known.” Iacovetti’s creative writing surfaced early on, when at 16 years of age she wrote a children’s play that was performed in Fresno, California by a community backyard theatre group, and her flair for the dramatic continued with her study of Shakespeare, dance and theatre arts in college.

Iacovetti teaches webinar workshops at The Writer’s Store.  She also worked with David Zucker Productions on various film and television projects and she worked with KKS Productions, LLC, which is a licensed independent film and muti-media entertainment company based in Los Angeles and Nashville. She has written several original screenplays, one that is currently in pre-development.

Iacovetti holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Goddard College in Creative Writing, and a Bachelor of English degree from San Jose State University in English.  She teaches screenwriting classes at Santa Barbara City College Center for Lifelong Learning, and holds ongoing screenwriting workshops at the Montecito Association Building.

She is a regular feature writer for the Ventura County Reporter, and Creative Screenwriting Magazine.  In addition, she actively works as a freelance writer in various writing genres, to include, copywriting, editing, feature articles, news journalism, screenwriting and ghostwriting. Iacovetti’s poetry is featured in more than a dozen anthologies.  She is the mother of two grown children, and currently resides in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Website:  carlaiacovetti.com

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8 thoughts on “About This Screenwriter

  1. I was recently nominated for Versatile Blogger and Most Inspiring Blogger and I would like to pass them on to you. Although I am not a screenwriter, I find the information on your site helpful, especially in regards to character development. Thanks.

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